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For safety reasons, fire prevention measures should be taken in any factory. Especially for the working environment of the incense factories where there are many flammable substances, fire prevention work is very important. So, what are the main needs of the fire prevention work in the incense factory?

Why is fire protection important to incense factories?

There are many raw materials, wrapping paper and machinery and equipment in the incense factory, and fire prevention is the top priority! Usually, there are a large number of raw materials, semi-finished products, chemical materials, wood powder and other combustible materials in the incense factory.

In addition, when electrical equipment is not installed in compliance with regulations or used carelessly, it can also cause fire. Improper installation or careless use of heating equipment can also easily lead to fire.

Therefore, Shuliy Machinery reminds all incense factories to take good fire prevention measures in the factory. Each factory should formulate a strict job safety responsibility system, and ensure that every operator in the factory is familiar with various safety measures.

Every worker should understand the fire hazard of his post, know how to prevent fire and how to put it out. In addition, workers must be able to use fire extinguishing equipment and handle common fire hazards.

Incense production
incense production

Basic fire protection requirements for incense factories

  • The workshop can only store materials for the shift. Finished products should be transported away in time, and spices should be cleaned every shift.
  • Before operating the incense maker, carefully check that the electrical equipment is in good condition. The bearings of the machine should be oiled regularly. Dust accumulated on the machine should be cleaned up in time.
  • The installation of the incense making machine should meet the requirements. The electrical equipment in the workshop should be sealed or explosion-proof. Temporary wires are not allowed to be erected in the workshop.
  • The workshop shall not be heated with an open flame.
  • It is not allowed to set up offices and workshops in the workshop.
  • Flammable items such as gasoline, alcohol, paint, etc. are not allowed to be stored in the workshop.
  • It is not allowed to store used oiled cotton yarn, oiled gloves and other items in the workshop.
  • Smoking and working with open flames are strictly prohibited in the workshop, and no one is allowed to bring fire into the workshop.
  • Clean up the site at the end of each day and at the end of get off work. Stack wood chips, sticky powder, etc. in a safe place, cut off the power supply, and close doors and windows.