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The automatic incense production line is a complete thread incense stick processing line for processing incense without bamboo sticks. The thread incense stick production line includes a wood crusher, wood powder machine, mixer, thread incense forming machine, incense stick drying machine, and incense packaging machine. The production process includes sawdust processing, wood flour grinding, wood flour mixing, incense making, drying, and packaging.

Agarbatti incense stick applications
agarbatti incense stick applications

What are the requirements for wood powder for incense making?

The main component of incense is wood powder. Wood powder is usually a finer powder made of various wood powders. The wood powder used for making incense can be ordinary wood powder (no odor is required), sandalwood, incense wood, etc.

Of course, it can also be various crops of orange sticks, herbs, etc. The fineness of wood powder used for making incense is usually between 80~120 mesh. Special incense processing may require a different fineness of the wood powder.

Complete thread incense stick production line’s production process

Sawdust making

For larger size wood, branches, roots, straw, herbs, etc., we can use this small wood crusher to crush them into sawdust. This type of hammer mill can usually crush raw materials into sawdust with a size of about 3mm.

Small wood crusher for sawdust making
small wood crusher for sawdust making

Wood powder grinding

The size of the sawdust processed by the wood grinder is too large to be used directly for making incense sticks, so we need to use a commercial wood flour mill to further grind the sawdust into a finer wood flour. The fineness of the wood flour mill can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs. Usually, the fineness of wood flour for incense sticks is between 60 and 120 mesh.

Wood powder grinding machine
wood powder grinding machine

Powder mixing

After the processing of wood powder is completed, we need to use the automatic mixer to mix and blend all the raw materials for making incense according to a certain ratio. The work of this mixer is done in batches. The processing volume of each batch is around 50kg.

Wood powder mixing machine
wood powder mixing machine

Thread incense stick forming

This incense making machine can extrude the stirred raw materials into solid lines and cut them into incense of uniform length by the cutting device. By changing different extrusion dies, the thread incense stick maker can process different shapes of incense sticks, such as five stars, cubes, triangles, hearts, flowers, etc. Moreover, the incense cutting length can also be adjusted.

Incense making machine for sale
thread incense stick production line for sale

Incense stick drying

This incense dryer is very suitable for drying thread incense and sticks incense. This dryer has a movable cart inside and several layers of trays can be placed on the cart shelves. We can put the incense sticks neatly cut into the trays and then put the trays full of incense into the dryer to dry. The drying temperature and drying time of this thread incense dryer can be set and adjusted.

Thread incense dryer machine
thread incense dryer machine

Thread incense packing machine

Buddha incense packing machine can pack the dried incense according to different factors of weight, length, and diameter. No matter how big the size of the incense processed by the customer is, it can be packed by using this packaging machine. In addition, customers can also set the packaging style of the incense, such as bag, box, tube, heat shrink film packaging, etc.

Thread incense packaging machine
thread incense packaging machine

Advantages of Shuliy thread incense processing plant

  • The incense production line includes all the equipment needed for industrial incense production and is ideal for customers who produce large-scale thread incense. The incense processing plant requires 5-10 workers, which saves a lot of labor costs compared to manual incense production.
  • For most customers who want to start a fragrance business, the incense line is just a reference configuration. Our factory usually needs to develop a suitable incense production plan according to the customer’s factory size, investment budget, processing output, and other factors.
  • Shuliy factory can provide customized service for each incense processor and will provide full after-sales service for customers who purchase incense equipment. We support customers to send samples for testing, and welcome customers to visit our factory and test the machines.