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The incense industry is an industry that uses incense machines to process all kinds of incense products. Compared with artificial incense, the processing efficiency of using incense making machines to produce incense sticks and incense cones is much higher. Therefore, the incense equipment driven by modern technology has also greatly promoted the development of the incense industry. So, what is the development prospect of the fragrance industry in 2023?

Incense sticks
incense sticks

What is the development prospect of the incense industry?

All over the world, the history of making and using incense is very long. At present, in addition to religious incense and festival sacrificial incense, we also use incense in our daily life. It is reported that the cumulative consumption of incense burning by people who worship Mount Tai in China alone is as high as 80 million yuan every year.

And all the temples in Taiwan spend hundreds of millions of dollars on incense burning every year during the Spring Festival. With the further opening up of religious beliefs and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for various fragrant products is increasing, and the disposable consumption market is not saturated.

Incense production factory
incense production factory

Today, incense has widely appeared in families, hospitals, restaurants, airports, stations, temples, teahouses, etc. all over the world. Incense has been integrated into people’s daily life. In addition, the variety of incense has been widely improved, and a rich incense culture has been formed.

Why choose incense machines for the incense industry?

In the entire Indian Buddhist incense industry, the annual sales are about 400 million US dollars. About 20-30% of the incense products produced by small incense manufacturers in India are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

The sales volume of Indian incense is very large, but in India, most of the manufacturers of Buddhist incense are family businesses, and the way of making incense is still by hand rubbing. And 55% of our country’s incense enterprises have used automatic incense making machines.

Modern incense machines for sale
modern incense machines for sale

In today’s situation of high labor costs, shortage of fragrance products, and higher and higher product quality standards, switching to incense maker machines is the only way for the development of the fragrance industry.