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The incense business is to produce various kinds of incense in batches, such as incense sticks, incense sticks, incense sticks, etc., and then sell the incense to the market. In recent years, the market demand for incense products has increased sharply, and the future development trend of the incense industry has risen rapidly. So, is the incense business really profitable?

How to start a incense business?

Before starting an incense business, you need to do market research. Such as the source and price of raw materials, the location and scale of the factory, the number of workers, the output of incense making, the purchase of incense making equipment, the sales channels of incense, the price and profit space, etc.

Each of the above conditions requires careful investigation and analysis. Usually, the market demand for incense and the low cost of raw materials are very beneficial to the incense factory. In addition, when purchasing incense making machines, we must carefully screen high-quality incense making machine manufacturers to ensure the purchase of high-quality incense making equipment.

Incense production
incense production

How profitable is a small incense business?

Small incense businesses are usually small family workshops with small factories and medium output. This kind of small incense making business is very common in many Southeast Asian countries, such as India, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan and so on.

Of course, there are also many such small incense workshops in China. What is the profit of small family incense making? It depends on the type of incense made. Usually, the approximate profit of making incense is between 80%. For example, in China, the cost of a ton of high-grade bamboo stick incense is around 3000RMB, and the wholesale price is above 4600RMB. The cost of thread incense is 1600RMB yuan, and the wholesale price is about 4300RMB yuan. Therefore, basically the profit of a ton of incense is between 10,000-20,000 RMB.

In fact, the raw materials and processing techniques of different incense are the same. In order to increase profits, incense factories usually produce a variety of incense for sale. However, the incense-making equipment used to process different types of incense is different.

For example, sign incense and thread incense, although similar in appearance, have different processing processes and machines. Also, the processing methods of incense cones and backflow incense are very different. Therefore, incense factories must choose incense making equipment reasonably according to their own needs and budgets.