Long incense sticks

Making Incense Sticks in Malaysia: Crafting Aromatic Treasures


The art of making incense sticks has a rich heritage, and in Malaysia, it is no different. With its diverse cultural traditions and a deep appreciation for scents and spirituality,....

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Incense cone making machine

How to enhance incense production with incense cone molds?


Incense cones are a popular form of incense, appreciated for their compact size, convenience, and enchanting aromas. In the world of incense production, the use of incense cone molds plays....

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Special wasterfall incense cones

Where is backflow incense more popular?


Backflow incense, also known as waterfall incense, has gained significant popularity in recent years. Its unique visual and aromatic experience has captivated people around the world. But where is backflow....

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Incense production business

How to start an incense business in Indonesia?


In recent years, more and more Indonesian customers have purchased our incense making machines for their incense business. So, what are the advantages of starting an incense business in Indonesia?....

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Incense industry with incense machines

Development prospect of the incense industry


The incense industry is an industry that uses incense machines to process all kinds of incense products. Compared with artificial incense, the processing efficiency of using incense making machines to....

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Incense business

How profitable is the incense business?


The incense business is to produce various kinds of incense in batches, such as incense sticks, incense sticks, incense sticks, etc., and then sell the incense to the market. In....

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Commercial incense maker machine for sale

How to extend the life of incense maker machine?


Commercial incense maker machines are used relatively frequently, so daily maintenance is required. The service life of a good quality incense machine is generally 5-8 years. By doing the following....

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Incense factories

Notice! Fire prevention notices for incense factories!


For safety reasons, fire prevention measures should be taken in any factory. Especially for the working environment of the incense factories where there are many flammable substances, fire prevention work....

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Waterfall incense cones with burner

What are waterfall incense cones?


Waterfall incense cones are a type of cone incense, a kind of incense that burns with a peculiar sight. When this incense burns, the smoke it produces flows down through....

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Stick incense production

How do distinguish between natural incense and chemical incense?


Although natural incense and chemical incense are similar in appearance, there are significant differences in their efficacy, price, etc. due to different compositions. Then we are in the purchase of....

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