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Waterfall incense cones are a type of cone incense, a kind of incense that burns with a peculiar sight. When this incense burns, the smoke it produces flows down through its central hole, like waterfalls and water currents, so it is called waterfall incense cones. How do we make this unique backflow incense? What should we pay attention to when using waterfall incense cones?

Why does the smoke from waterfall incense cones point downwards?

The smoke in life, whether it is cigarettes, cooking smoke, or incense burner smoke, always rise upwards as long as it is the fireworks produced by the burning of substances. The smoke of waterfall incense cones is just the opposite, it flows down like water, like a dream, making people feel like being in a fairyland, subverting the world’s understanding of smoke. So what is the principle behind the peculiar sight of smoke like flowing water?

Incense cones
incense cones

To understand the principle of backflow incense, you first need to know why the smoke rises. Smoke is the dust produced when substances are burned. Dust is supposed to be heavier than air. But it keeps rising because of the hot air when it burns, which is why the smoke we usually see is rising.

The reason why the smoke of the incense burner is so unique is because of the combination of the incense burner and the incense burner. The specially made tower incense has a small hole inside, which is conducive to the downward flow of smoke.

The backflow incense burners use special tower incense, mostly conical hollow type. It locks the incense in a pagoda-shaped hollow incense column to cool it by isolating the hot air. The smoke and dust sink to the ground because it is heavier than the air, and the sinking smoke flows out through the small holes at the bottom of the incense column, forming the smoke that looks like a waterfall.

How do you make backflow incense cones?

In the past, the processing of this kind of backflow incense was basically done manually. We need to mix and stir the raw materials, and then use the mold to process the powder into cones. Finally, the finished incense cones are aired and dried. The method of artificially processing backflow incense is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the labor cost is very high.

Now, the production of waterfall incense cones can be done with a dedicated backflow incense cones forming machine. This commercial reverse incense machine can replace different shapes and sizes of molds to process various specifications of waterfall incense cones.

Colorful backflow incense cones
colorful backflow incense cones