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The waterfall incense cone machine is a machine specially used to produce backflow incense, which is widely used in the incense manufacturing industry in Indonesia. Recently, our Shuliy factory exported to an incense manufacturer in Indonesia last year to express their gratitude to us. They said that the machine helped them successfully enter the local backflow incense market.

Why Indonesia imported the waterfall incense cone machine?

Indonesia is a country with a long history of incense culture and pour-over incense has become an integral part of the region. As a result, the demand for pour-over incense is very high in Indonesia. Many Indonesian incense manufacturers and importers are aware of this and have started to increase the production and import of waterfall incense products.

However, due to the complicated process of making cone incense, which requires special production equipment and technology, most of the domestic manufacturing of backflow incense in Indonesia is obtained through importation.

Waterfall incense cones
waterfall incense cones

Due to the high demand for pour-over incense in the Indonesian market, many Indonesian incense manufacturers and importers started to consider producing waterfall incense domestically. This requires them to purchase a backflow incense cone making machine in order to produce high-quality incense cone products domestically.

Compared to imported incense cones, domestic production of cone incense not only can reduce the cost but also can better control the quality and production cycle of the product and improve the competitiveness of the market.

Indonesia order details for waterfall incense cone machine

This Indonesian incense manufacturer had been importing incense cones and realized that producing them domestically would reduce costs and give them better control over product quality. However, they did not know how to make backflow incense cones, let alone have the relevant production equipment and technology.

After understanding the needs of this customer, we introduced our waterfall incense cone machine to them and detailed the technology and process of producing their incense. We also provided free on-site training and technical support to help them learn how to operate and maintain the machine and ensure that the quality of the incense produced was up to standard.

Shuliy waterfall incense cone machines for sale
Shuliy waterfall incense cone machines for sale

After a period of learning and practice, this customer finally succeeded in producing a high-quality waterfall incense cone, which was well-received in the Indonesian market. Their incense products are not only of high quality but also reasonably priced, which won the favor of consumers.

This customer is very satisfied with our products and services and has indicated that they plan to continue to purchase our machines to expand their production scale. We are also very happy to help them enter the waterfall incense market and become their long-term partner.