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This commercial incense cone making machine is mainly used to process various types of conical incense cones. By changing the cone incense forming molds, the machine can process incense cones of different diameters and lengths. The dhoop cone machine has a capacity of 30-240 cones per minute and its processing speed can be adjusted according to the production needs.

What are incense cones?

Incense cones are also known as tower incense or dhoop cones, which is a kind of incense of conical shape. This unique incense is mainly made by mixing and extruding wood powder, various spices, gum powder, and water. This cone incense is very similar to other types of incense and can be lit for use as aromatherapy or Buddhist incense.

In recent years, these small and portable incense cones are often used for indoor incense, especially in study rooms and tea rooms. Moreover, this incense can be processed into cones of different lengths and diameters according to customer requirements. Such regular incense cones are different from incense cones with holes machined by backflow incense cone machine.

Applications of dhoop cone incense

Dhoop incense cones are very versatile and can be used for religious incense in temples as well as the most common use for all types of indoor incense. This is because in the processing of incense cones we can add different fragrances to create different scents. The incense cones are currently used in studies, teahouses, parlours, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other places.

Incense cones burning
incense cones burning

How to make incense cones with incense cone machine?

Usually, the production of cone incense can be done manually. However, the mass production of dhoop incense cones requires the use of a commercially available incense cone making machine. the process of processing incense cones with a dhoop cone machine is also simple.

Step 1: The wood flour, glue powder, and water are mixed thoroughly in a certain ratio. The wood flour, water, and glue powder are the basic raw materials for the processing of incense, and the customer can add the right amount of spices to them according to the specific processing needs.

Step 2: Place the well-mixed ingredients into the inlet of the machine. The material is pushed forward by the hydraulic unit inside the machine to the extrusion die. The molds of the machine are upper and lower mold trays in groups. At high speed, the fragrant powder is quickly squeezed into a cone shape. A blower near the outlet then automatically blows the incense cones already formed in the mold down onto the outlet conveyor belt.

Step 3: Freshly processed incense cones are still soft and prone to breakage and deformation. We, therefore, need to collect them and put them in a mesh frame to dry.

Main features of incense cone making machine

  • Our automatic incense cone machine is the automatic assembly line. It takes the collecting device, which makes the work progress is fast and convenient. The capacity is about 240pcs per minute.
  • The incense cones can be finished with the incense cone automatic assembly line. The material from the hopper into the barrel, after extrusion and injection molding, then makes the cone incense.
  • The finished cone incense from our automatic incense cone making machine has the advantages of uniform thickness and smooth surface. And it will not drop powder after the dhoop cones are dried.

Parameters of incense cone making machine

Tower incense length10-100mm
Machine size1700*500*1500mm
Hydraulic cylinder diameter180mm
Barrel diameter219mm

Dhoop cones making machine video