Shuliy Machinery is a large manufacturer and exporter of industrial equipment. In ten years, the Shuliy group has grown into a factory with two subsidiaries (Taizy brand & Shuliy brand). Currently, Shuliy factory is engaged in the development, manufacture, and export of various types of recycling equipment.

Incense making machine is one of the types of biomass recycling equipment in our factory. At present, the Shuliy factory offers a wide range of incense manufacturing equipment and auxiliary equipment, such as different types of incense cones and incense stick forming machines, incense powder mixers, incense drying machines, incense stick packaging machines, etc.

Shuliy factory’s equipment has been exported to more than 50 countries and regions one after another. Moreover, we have already entered into agency relationships with customers in several countries.

The countries with the highest number of customers for our incense making machines are Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Korea, India, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea, etc.