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The continuous backflow incense cone making machine is used for the production of various incense cones with central holes or pagoda-shaped incense with various types of engraving. The automatic waterfall incense cones maker machine can be used to produce backflow incense cones of various sizes by changing the molds. Of course, we can also use the reverse flow incense machine for the production of colored incense cones.

What are backflow incense cones?

Backflow incense, also known as backflow dhoop cones, is usually a cone-shaped or tower-shaped incense cone with a central hole. Unlike ordinary incense, this unique incense cone produces smoke that usually flows out of the hole at the bottom when burned, resembling a waterfall. This is why backflow incense is also called waterfall incense cones.

The only difference between this incense and the cone incense made with a normal incense cone machine is that it has a center hole.

How does the incense waterfall work?

We often see the smoke of backflow incense drifting downwards, why is this? Inverted incense uses the principle of siphoning. As the backflow incense burns at the top, the smoke produced is gradually cooled down through longer orifices. The smoke is then also larger and denser, and when it comes out of the outlet the smoke is a little denser than the outside air, so it naturally flows downwards, eventually producing the phenomenon of backflow.

In addition, inverted incense burners are used in special incense towers, most of the conical hollow type. This type of incense burner cools the smoke by isolating it from the hot air and locking it inside the hollow pagoda-shaped incense column. The soot sinks to the ground as it is heavier than the air and flows out through the small holes at the base of the incense column, creating the inverted flow of smoke that we see.

Common ingredients to make backflow incense cones

The production of pour-over incense is similar to that of other types of incense in that it uses gum powder, wood powder, spices, and a certain amount of combustion aid as the basic ingredients.

However, the mix of ingredients varies from person to person, and different customers have different requirements. The fragrance produced by burning inverted incense is determined by the spices or aromatics added to the raw material. Common spices include incense, mugwort, cypress, and sandalwood.

How to make good backflow incense cones?

The production of different shapes of waterfall incense cones usually requires the use of a special backflow incense forming machine. This commercial backflow incense cone making machine has packs of forming dies to quickly squeeze the well-mixed incense powder into solid strips.

The backflow cones are then shaped by the precise shaping of the molds. The waterfall incense cone maker machine produces evenly sized incense cones with a smooth surface and a hard finish that is resistant to deformation and breakage.

Backflow incense cone making machine advantages

  • The backflow dhoop cones maker machine is delivered already assembled and ready to use without installation. Furthermore, the machine is very easy to operate, with an operator panel that allows you to set the processing speed. Our factory also sends our customers detailed operating instructions in English and detailed instructional videos to help them quickly learn the correct way to use them.
  • The backflow incense cone machine can be customized with molds such as pagodas, gourds, cones, lettering, patterns, and logos. The diameters and lengths of the finished products can also be customized to suit the customer’s needs.

Parameters of waterfall incense cone maker

Air compressor1.5kw
Backflow incense cone machine
backflow incense cone machine

Backflow incense cone maker machine video