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This incense stick machine is a common incense making machine on the market today. The agarbatti making machine automatically coats the bamboo sticks with incense powder to make various types of incense for different purposes. The incense sticks are commonly used for religious incense (e.g. Buddhist incense), mosquito incense, toilet incense, and other kinds of indoor incense.

Raw materials for making agarbatti stick incense

The main raw materials used in the processing of incense sticks are wood flour, water, glue powder, and flavoring. The fineness of the wood powder needs to be between 60 and 100 mesh. The addition of flavoring depends on the customer’s specific processing requirements.

At present, some of our customers process bamboo stick incense with a recipe of 35 kg of bamboo pistil, 34 kg of wood powder, 35 kg of gum powder, 2 kg of potassium nitrate, and the right amount of coloring and flavoring. This is just a reference ratio for processing quality Buddhist incense.

Applications of incense stick machine

Many religious countries around the world require large quantities of various types of incense every year. One of the most frequently used types of incense is incense for signatures, which is why it is in such high demand. In addition to being used as a Buddhist incense, agarbatti incense is also used in all aspects of everyday life due to its ease of use and portability. By varying the ingredients, stick incense can be made into mosquito incense and various types of indoor incense.

The traditional method of making agarbatti sticks by hand has a low yield and produces a poor quality of stick incense. The stick incense is often unevenly wrapped, falls off, and breaks. However, with the use of commercial incense stick making machines, it is now possible to produce high-quality agarbatti incense in batches, so many incense factories are now choosing to purchase stick incense machines to replace the manual production of incense sticks.

At present, many customers besides buying our incense stick makers. There are also many customers who are new to the incense business and even order a full agarbatti incense production line from our factory.

How to make stick incense with agarbatti making machine?

The machine is made up of three parts, the stick holding machine, the incense wrapping machine, and the stick dispensing bin. The first part is the machine that holds the bamboo or wooden sticks. We place the bamboo sticks of the same length into the machine and the machine automatically feeds the sticks one by one into the incense wrapping machine.

The second part is the machine that coats the bamboo sticks with incense powder. We put the well-mixed powder into the inlet of the machine and the raw material is automatically squeezed forward. As the powder is squeezed out, it is automatically and evenly coated on the bamboo sticks moving forward. The last part of the machine holds the finished incense sticks. The finished stick incense is ejected with inertia and falls naturally onto the device.

Main features of incense sticks manufacturing machine

  1. Uniform standards for each machine, easy maintenance, and repair.
  2. The incense-making host adopts imported original parts combined with the precision-speed part-entry motor. This incense stick machine can achieve the function of sending labels to 400 pieces per minute.
  3. The original water cooling technology can solve the problem of heat generation of the machine, which can increase the life of the machine, and improve the continuous work of the machine.
  4. The nuclear gold bearing sleeve adopts automatic lubricating oil technology to protect the bearing life longer.

Parameters of bamboo stick incense machine

ModelPowerVoltageDiameter of bamboo stickMachine dimensionDiameter of incenseLength of incense

Agarbatti incense stick machine video