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This small-scale stick incense production line is mainly used in medium and small incense factories that process incense sticks. The main equipment of this agarbatti stick processing plant includes the wood powder mixer, stick incense forming machine, and stick incense packaging machine. The processing line can process stick incense of different diameters and lengths.

Stick incense
stick incense

Main equipment of agarbatti incense stick processing plant

This small incense stick processing line is a hot selling product in our factory. This is because the agarbatti stick processing plant is simple, easy to operate, low cost, and very cost-effective. The production line mainly includes a mixer, incense stick extruder machine, and incense stick packaging machine. When customers consult us about incense making equipment, we usually recommend suitable machines for customers based on their actual production needs.

Wood powder mixer machine

This horizontal automatic mixer is widely used in feed, food, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, and other industries for the mixing and stirring of powder, granular, flake, lump, and viscous materials. The mixer uses the principle of instant weightlessness to make the materials in the body by mechanical mixing, to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing. We can put the raw materials for making incense, such as wood powder, sticky powder, water, fragrance, etc., in a certain ratio into the mixer for thorough mixing.

Parameters of mixer

Stirring weight50kg/batch

Incense stick extruder machine

The incense extruder machine is the main equipment of this incense stick production line, which is used to wrap and coat the mixed raw materials onto the bamboo sticks evenly. Among them, the thickness and length of the incense wrapping can be set and adjusted on the control panel of the machine. The processing efficiency of the agarbatti stick extruder machine is around 300 pieces per minute. Its production speed is also adjustable. This model below is one of the highest-selling extruders.

Parameters of incense extruder machine

Final product size3-6mm 2.5mm length below 48cm
Package size800*1050*800mm
Speed300+ pcs/min

Stick Incense packaging machine

This kind of incense stick packing machine has the function of automatic counting and packing. It can pack the dried agarbatti incense stick automatically according to certain packing specifications. This packaging machine can replace a large number of manual workers to count and pack the agarbatti stick incense without causing damage to the stick incense. The incense stick packaging machine can be used to pack all kinds of incense sticks within 1-100cm in length.

Incense stick packaging machine
incense stick packaging machine

Parameters of incense packing machine

Packing  typeH type
The thickness of plastic film1.0—2.2um
Width of packing300mm
Height of packing≤80mm  
Your requirementsDiameter:5-6mm, 100pcs/bag
SuitableIncense sticks, drink straws, BBQ sticks, etc.

Features of small stick incense production line

This small-scale incense stick processing plant is a simple incense production solution designed by our Shuliy factory based on most of our customers’ options. The low cost of this line is suitable for customers with high processing volume but a low investment budget. This line can basically meet the needs of 70% of the incense factories.

The equipment on this agarbatti stick processing line is only a reference design. For example, if the customer produces incense sticks that do not need to be packaged, there is no need to purchase an incense stick packaging machine. Usually, our factory is able to customize a suitable solution for our customers according to their processing needs and investment budget.