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Mastering the correct way to use the stick incense machine can not only greatly improve the production efficiency of incense sticks, but also avoid damage to the machine by improper operation. Shuliy incense making machine factory will share the detailed operation method of the stick incense machine here, hope it will be helpful to the users who use this machine.

Incense sticks manufacturing
incense sticks manufacturing

Preparation work before using stick incense machine

  1. Users should read the operation manual of the product provided by us in detail. And be familiar with the structure and performance of the automatic incense machine.
  2. Check whether the bamboo stick feeding machine and stick incense extruder machine are well connected. Then check whether the power plug and socket on each contact are good. Finally, be sure to check whether the equipment is intact grounding.
  3. Before using the machine, add good lubrication to the machine.
  4. Prepare the materials for making incense. Fill the cooling water tank with water, and plug in the cooling water pump power supply.
  5. Close the main power air switch. When you see the power indicator light, the work of making incense can begin.
Parts of stick incense machine
parts of stick incense machine

Detailed methods to use stick incense machine

  1. Adjust the blanking space of the top material board according to the size of the bamboo skewers (about 1/3 larger than the size of the bamboo skewers. The most suitable width is that two bamboo skewers cannot be produced at a time. The clearance, clamp, and bamboo mouth are on the same horizontal straight line).
  2. Adjust the fragrant mouth of the fragrant machine (manually insert the fragrant bamboo, feel that the less force is used to insert the bamboo, the better, too tight will cause the bamboo feeder to enter the bamboo not smoothly and break the bamboo). Test run the bamboo delivery machine with the empty machine and then connect to the fragrant blower after debugging the bamboo shoot smoothly. Adjust the length of the powder tail after entering the bamboo normally. (Normal conditions need to maintain a 2-3 cm powder tail).
Stick incense machine supplier
stick incense machine supplier

Button function description of incense stick extruder machine panel

There are 4 buttons and a 1-speed regulator on the panel of the electric box. The first green one in the first row is a jog button, which is also a troubleshooting button. Before each operation, you must press a few times to test whether the fragrance is smooth and stuck, and then press the second one in the first row.

The start button is running. The third red in the first row is the stop button. Press the stop button to stop the operation. The stop button is also the power indicator. The first red in the second row is an emergency stop button. Press the emergency stop.

The button can stop the control power supply and the inverter power supply. The second rotatable in the second row is the governor, which can adjust the speed of the bamboo feeder and the incense output.

The third in the second row is the manual and automatic conversion switch. The stop function of the fragrant machine does not work. Generally, manual operation is used to adjust the fragrant mouth when it is just turned on, or when it is necessary to continuously discharge the fragrant mouth. Normally, the automatic position is used.