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The use of any equipment in the process is the need for regular maintenance and repair. The same applies to the use of the agarbatti making machine. Daily lubrication, cleaning, maintenance, and replacement of parts of agarbatti incense machine can reduce the failure rate of the equipment and prolong the service life of the incense machine.

Stick incense making
stick incense making

How to maintain agarbatti making machine?

  • The agarbatti making machine should be serviced and maintained regularly. Regularly add lubricant to the machine and check whether the screws of each part of the machine are loose. Next, also regularly replace the cooling water, and keep the cooling water clean and free of debris.
  • Clean the incense machine’s piston front sleeve and hit the incense nozzle residue material in a timely manner.
  • When the equipment is in normal operation, no sand, gravel, iron filings, or other hard objects are allowed to enter the storage cylinder of the machine to avoid blocking the incense extrusion nozzle and damaging the equipment.
  • When repairing the incense machine, the total power supply must be cut off first, and then the machine can be overhauled.
  • In order to improve the life of the equipment components, it is recommended to use the machine at an ambient temperature of 35℃ or less.
Stick incense maker for sale
stick incense maker for sale

Common problems and solutions for using agarbatti making machine

The start button of the machine can not start or only a single operation

The reason for this problem may be when the power is not turned on, we need to check and turn on the power in time. Another reason may be that the machine’s sensor probe is not reset to show the red light, so we need to reset the probe to the green light.

The bamboo stick cannot pass through the incense stick extrusion nozzle

The reason for this problem may be that the bamboo sticks are deformed and bent or the diameter of the sticks is too large. Another reason may be the clogging of the extrusion nozzle of the incense stick. Therefore, we need to replace the bamboo sticks and clean the residual material at the extrusion nozzle in time with the actual situation.

When making incense, the incense stick cannot be completely shot out

The reason for this phenomenon may be that the material in the barrel is too little or there is a problem with the raw material recipe. Therefore, we need to add material to the barrel in time. In addition, we need to check the recipe of raw materials, dryness and humidity, and whether the mixing is even.

Incense sticks processed with incense foot length inconsistencies

The reason for this problem may be that the incense machine‘s guide bamboo stick plate does not match the length of the baffle. We need to readjust the position of these two.