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This automatic incense making machine can also be called a stick incense machine, but it is mainly used to make incense without bamboo sticks. This thread incense machine can process various types of incense sticks of different diameters and lengths. The incense produced by this machine is usually used as Buddhist incense and indoor incense sticks. By adding different colors to the raw material, the machine can also process colorful incense sticks.

Raw materials for making incense

The basic raw materials for processing incense are mainly finer wood powder (60-100 mesh), sticky powder, pigment, flavor, etc. Among them, the sticky powder is not the kind of gum powder used in industry, but the powder made from the bark, branches, leaves, and roots of trees with stickiness. This powder will be sticky when it meets water, and it is mucilaginous and has strong stickiness.

Incense with stick VS incense without sticks

There are two main types of stick incense we usually see, one with a bamboo or wooden stick and the other without a stick. In fact, there is no difference between these two types of incense in terms of use, but only a slight difference in appearance. The stick incense with a bamboo stick is easy to insert in the place where the incense is lit and easy to hold. The one without the stick usually needs to be placed on the incense burner.

Main structure of thread incense making machine

The complete incense machine includes one extruding machine, three conveyors (one conveyor for feeding, one conveyor with cutters, and one conveyor for transport), and one stacking machine. The incense size can be customized according to the customer’s request and also it can be changed molds inside to produce different shapes or different diameters of final incense.

Main advantages of the Shuliy stick incense machine

  1. Shuliy factory incense machines are available in various models. Simply tell us the type and size of incense you want to process, and we will recommend the most suitable incense maker machine and a complete incense processing solution with high-cost performance.
  2. Shuliy factory insists on innovation and development, constantly updating incense manufacturing equipment based on customer feedback. Therefore, our factory can customize the right incense stick processing solutions for each customer. We can customize the diameter, length, shape, pattern, fragrance, ash content, ignition time, burning time, etc. according to the customer’s needs.

How to dry the incense sticks?

Thread incense is soft when it is first made because it contains a certain amount of water, and it is easy to bend and break. Therefore, in order to avoid the deformation of incense sticks, we usually need to use trays to dry the cut incense, and drying stick incense can be done naturally or by using a dryer machine. Our factory can provide drying equipment for the continuous drying of incense sticks.

The natural drying method is more common. However, it is important to note that the natural drying of thread incense should not be done directly in the sun, but in a cool and ventilated place. This is because incense sticks placed in the sun will be unevenly heated and will bend and crack.

Parameters of incense making machine

Capacity1000kg per day
Final product sizeDiameter(1-5mm)*1.25m
Machine size8*3.5*2m

Thread incense stick making machine video