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The commercial agarbatti stick making machine is a machine for the mass production of incense sticks, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of incense sticks. Shuliy factory supplies different kinds of incense processing equipment to global customers. Recently, an agarbatti stick making machine exported by our factory to Peru has been well received by customers due to its good operation and high production efficiency.

Shuliy incense machine factory
Shuliy incense machine factory

The market situation of incense sticks in Peru

Peru is one of the South American countries with a rich cultural heritage and folk traditions, of which incense stick culture is also an important part. The Peruvian incense stick market has shown a steady growth trend in the past few years and has become a part of the local market that cannot be ignored.

In Peru, incense sticks are widely used for religious, celebration, and medical purposes. According to market research, the size of the Peruvian incense stick market is about 10 million US dollars per year, and the market demand is growing steadily. In recent years, more and more Peruvian companies have begun to import incense stick production equipment from abroad to improve production capacity and product quality, among which the agarbatti stick making machine is an important piece of equipment.

The main consumers in the Peruvian incense stick market are local churches, temples, celebrations, and traditional medicine. In addition, some consumers buy incense sticks as gifts or decorations, especially in the tourism industry. Peruvian incense stick products have also become one of the must-buy souvenirs for tourists.

Agarbatti incense sticks
agarbatti incense sticks

Why choose the Shuliy agarbatti stick making machine for Peru?

The customer is a Peruvian incense stick manufacturer with many years of production experience and customers base. With the continuous expansion of the Peruvian incense stick market, they decided to purchase an advanced agarbatti stick machine to improve the production efficiency and quality of incense sticks and meet the needs of local incense stick consumers.

After the analysis and evaluation of our professional team, we recommend an incense stick machine that best suits their needs. The device has the following features:

  • Efficient production: The equipment can produce more than 300 sticks per minute, greatly improving production efficiency and output.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: The equipment adopts the latest energy-saving technology, which reduces energy consumption and environmental pollution.
  • Easy to operate and maintain: the equipment adopts an advanced control system and automation technology, which is easy to operate and maintain.
  • High-quality production: The equipment adopts high-quality raw materials and advanced production technology. The incense sticks produced are of high quality and are highly recognized by customers.
Agarbatti stick making machine for peru
agarbatti stick making machine for Peru