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A 250kg per day backflow incense cone machine was recently exported to Austria. The machine will be used in the Austrian plant to produce two different sizes of cone-shaped incense. This is the first time the customer started this kind of incense business, so he asked our factory for a lot of information about incense making. We gave detailed answers to all the questions raised by the customer. Finally, the customer ordered the incense equipment from our factory.

Why start an incense production business in Austria?

The Austrian customer lives in an area where the demand for incense burning has been increasing in recent years. However, the Austria local market basically relies on imported incense and there are few incense factories.

Waterfall incense cones
waterfall incense cones

Therefore, the customer wanted to start a small incense factory to produce incense cones for sale. The customer researched the local market and found that the demand for incense cones is currently the highest, so he decided to start by purchasing an incense cone machine to produce this incense.

Main requirements of backflow incense cones making for the Austrian customer

The Austrian customer wanted to purchase a big backflow incense cone machine to produce two different sizes of incense cones, both with a bottom diameter of 1.5cm (tolerance: ±1mm). The height of one of the incense cones should be 3.5cm at the highest and 3cm at the lowest, and the tolerance should not exceed 1mm.

The customer also requested that the center hole of these incense cones has a diameter of 2.5 mm and a height of 2.5 cm (tolerance: ±1 mm). The Austrian customer requested another type of incense cone with a height of 4cm, a center hole with a diameter of 2.5mm, and a height of 3cm.

Austrian customer needs for incense cones
Austrian customer needs incense cones

We recommended the right backflow incense cone machine model according to the customer’s processing needs and customized the molding mold according to the customer’s requirements for the finished product size.

Parameters of backflow incense cone machine for Austria

Item Parameter QTY Qty
Backflow Incense Cone Machine
Backflow incense cone machine  
Model: SL-ZX-2
Dimension: 2.3*1.8*0.9m
Machine power: 4kw/3kw
Air compressor: 1.5kw
Voltage: 220/380v
Machine weight: 800kg
Daily capacity: 200-250kg

Note: In addition to the main unit, the customer ordered two additional sets of molding dies as replaceable consumable parts. The customer paid 30% of the money as prepayment and the balance was paid before delivery by T/T. The delivery time was 15 days.

Incense cones forming molds
incense cones forming molds