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Industrial agarbatti cone making machine can replace a large number of manual workers to produce high-quality agarbatti cones. The incense cones made by agarbatti cone machines have the advantages of uniform size, smooth surface, high density, and long burning time. Shuliy factory exported 3 commercial incense cones making machines to India again at the end of last month.

Incense cones
incense cones

Why did so many Indian customers choose our agarbatti cone making machine?

India is a very famous Buddhist country and its domestic market has a very high demand for all kinds of incense products. Moreover, with the rapid development of the economy, there are already many incense equipment manufacturers in India, which can supply incense making machines to many domestic customers.

In recent years, incense cones have been in increasing demand in the Indian market due to their versatility and ease of use. As a result, many incense factories in India have started to produce these cone incense in large quantities.

The incense cone machine at the Shuliy factory can process dhoop incense cones of various sizes, so it can meet the production needs of almost all customers.

Colorful incense cones making
colorful incense cones making

Order details of agarbatti cone making machine for India

The Indian customer has been in the incense production business for over two years. His local incense factory now employs about 20 workers. Initially, the customer started his incense business by employing workers to make colorful incense cones by hand.

However, the customer soon found that the handmade incense sticks often had a rough surface and were unevenly wrapped. After seeing the automatic incense stick machine on our website, the Indian customer quickly decided to order a machine from our factory to replace the manual production. The customer was very pleased with the working efficiency of our machine.

In order to further expand the incense business, the Indian customer decided to produce cone incense and asked us again for agarbatti cone making machines in April this year. We provided him with detailed pictures and working videos of the machine and gave him an introduction to the working performance of the machine. After negotiation, the customer finally paid us a deposit for 3 pagoda machines in June.

The customer ordered three incense cone machines to process incense cones of 3cm and 5cm in length. The diameter of the incense cones is between 1cm and 1.2cm.

Parameters of India agarbatti cone making machine

Incense Cone MachineModel: SL-ZX-1
Power: 4kw
Hydraulic cylinder diameter: 180mm
Stroke: 700mm
Barrel diameter: 219mm
Machine size: 1700*500*1500mm
Weight: 350kg
Qty. (set)3(each machine including one mold)
HS code847480
Loading port in ChinaTianjin Port
Price Term40% as deposit, 60% as the balance before machine delivery.
Delivery timeWithin 20 days after receiving the deposit.