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Incense burning is a healthy life and a state of mind. It is the beauty of natural creation, and incense culture has been integrated into our lives since ancient times. However, there are many people who like incense burning, but how many varieties of incense are there? Many people are not very clear. Here, we summarize the most common incense varieties currently on the market and detail their usage of these incense. We hope it will be helpful to you.

The most common types of incense on the market today are mainly classified into cone incense, incense thread, incense plate, incense stick, incense powder (incense or sandalwood), etc. according to different uses and shapes.

Agarwood chunks

Agarwood pieces are the agarwood in the processing of other products left after the trimmings. Or agarwood due to the processing of the formation of granular scraps, small materials, etc., can be directly smoked with an electric smoker incense or smokeless carbon baking.

In this kind of incense, the temperature is generally around 180 degrees Celsius, will not let the wood fibers burn to produce the smoke smell, and will only evaporate the incense oil. At this point, the spice will emit a charming fragrance, the fragrance is the purest, and basically will not be mixed with wood debris odor.

Agarwood pieces
Agarwood pieces

Incense powder

Incense powder is also known as incense sandalwood powder or agarwood powder. This kind of incense powder is the powder left after the raw material of incense is turned into beads, carved crafts, or crushed into powder from the crushed incense. Incense powder smokes up a larger contact surface, and the fragrance emits purer. The main ways to use incense powder to smoke incense are the electric burner, smokeless carbon smoker, incense seal, etc.

Incense powder
incense powder

Spread the powder evenly in the incense dish, should not be too thick. After the electronic incense burner or high-temperature heating of charcoal heating, the aroma gradually emitted, full of flavor, refreshing. Or, the powdered incense can be embossed into a fixed character or flower pattern with the incense seal mold. Then light the incense powder and burn it in a sequence, which is very visual.

Incense powder burning
incense powder burning

Stick incense

Stick incense is usually used in shrines, temples, etc. It is a kind of incense that is coated with incense powder onto bamboo sticks by hand or by using an incense stick machine. This kind of incense is now very common because this kind of incense is easy to use, has wide applications, and has great market demand. It can also be processed into different colors.

Incense sticks manufacturing
incense sticks manufacturing

Thread incense

This type of incense is processed without placing bamboo sticks and is made by kneading the well-mixed incense powder by hand or by using an incense extruder machine. This kind of incense is usually long and thin, which makes it easy to carry. It can be placed in an incense cone or cardboard box and can be lit directly when used to emit the fragrance.

Thread incense picture
thread incense picture

Coil incense

Coil incense, also known as ring incense, incense strips from the inside out back around the ring coiled, in a spiral around a number of circles, in turn, forming a concentric ring-like line. The length of the coil incense is longer than the incense thread, and the burning time of the incense line is more durable. According to the size of the circle, in general, a plate of incense burns out a time of almost 2 hours – 4 hours. When the ring incense is burning, the room full of incense is very comfortable.

Coil incense
coil incense

Cone incense

Cone incense, also known as backflow cone incense, or tower incense, is a type of incense that is usually made into backflow incense. This cone incense has a small hole inside, and when the incense cones are lit, the smoke produced flows downward, forming a waterfall.

This tower incense is currently very popular in the market and is usually used as a variety of indoor incense. The incense cons can also be processed with the help of the commercial incense cones molding machine or a special backflow incense making machine.

Backflow incense cones
backflow incense cones