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Stick incense maker machine is a commercial machine for batch production of incense sticks of different sizes. In recent years, many foreign customers have made huge profits by purchasing automatic stick incense maker machines to process and sell high-quality incense sticks. Shuliy factory exported a stick incense machine to Turkey at the end of last month for processing incense sticks with a length of 30cm and a diameter of 6mm.

Stick incense production
stick incense production

Why bought a stick incense maker machine for Turkey?

Incense stick machines can process a variety of different sizes, different lengths, different diameters, and even different colors of incense sticks. This is mainly determined by adjusting the position of the extrusion die of the machine. The incense processed by the incense stick machine can be used in temples and shrines for worship, but also for indoor incense and mosquitoes.

The Turkish customer bought the incense stick maker machine to produce incense that can be used to kill mosquitoes and cockroaches. The customer said that the demand for this stick incense has been increasing in the local market in the last few years, but there are almost no local factories that produce it. Therefore, the Turkish customer thought it was a good business opportunity and decided to learn about the incense production process and purchase the incense manufacturing equipment.

Incense stick making formula and production process

To process high-quality incense sticks, it is important to make sure that the right incense stick making formula is used, and it is important to note that the incense stick formula is different for different types of incense sticks.

It is important for customers to choose the formula they want to use according to their production needs. Usually, the basic ingredients for incense stick making are water, wood powder, and bamboo sticks. Then, the customer can add a certain proportion of spices, accelerants, flavoring, powder, etc., as needed.

The process of processing incense sticks is simple and usually requires only 2-3 workers to complete production. The process of incense stick processing mainly includes raw material mixing, incense stick extrusion, incense stick drying, and packaging.

Parameters of stick incense maker machine for Turkey

Diameter of bamboo sticks2mm
Diameter of incense6mm
Length of incense30cm
Machine size80cm*105cm*80cm
Payment term100% payment