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This Argentine customer purchased a complete set of stick incense processing plant from the Shuliy incense machine factory. The main equipment of this line includes a mixer, incense stick forming machine, and incense stick packaging machine. The customer in Argentina plans to produce bamboo incense sticks with a length of 40cm.

Stick incense making
stick incense making

Why choose to produce bamboo stick incense?

The Argentinean customer has been working with wood products for more than 3 years. His factory mainly processes all kinds of wooden tables and chairs, bamboo baskets, wooden furniture, etc. that are needed in daily life. The customer said that his factory produces a large amount of bamboo and wood powder for recycling every year.

After learning about the incense making process, the customer believes that his factory has a great advantage to start the incense business. This is because the Argentinean customer’s factory has a large amount of raw wood powder and finished bamboo sticks at a very low cost that can be used to process stick incense.

Requirements for stick incense processing plant

This is the first time that this Argentine customer has started an incense business. But he already had some understanding of the incense making process before he consulted our factory, so he had certain requirements for the incense equipment.

Through communication, we understood that the customer wanted to process incense sticks with a length of 35-40cm and a diameter of about 6mm, and since the customer’s factory has equipment for processing wood powder, he only needed a mixer for the raw material.

In addition, the customer said that his factory has a large area and can dry the incense sticks produced by natural drying. Therefore, we did not recommend the incense stick dryer to this customer.

However, the customer said that after drying the incense sticks, he needed a packaging machine to bag the processed sticks. Therefore, we recommended the right stick incense packaging machine for him according to his packaging needs.

Main machine parameters of the Argentine stick incense plant

Mixer machineStirring weight: 50kg/batch
Power: 3kw
Weight: 300kg
Size: 1100*750*1050mm
Stick incense extruderPower: 3kw
Incense diameter: 6mm
Incense length: 40cm
Capacity: 300pcs/min
Weight: 300kg
Size: 800*1050*800mm
Incense stick packaging machinePower: 3kw
Speed: 30-50bag/min
Width of packing: 300mm
Height of packing: ≤80mm
Weight: 350kg
Size: 2300*1400*1450